As you can tell by the banner, this website is dedicated to Political Songs, and now features a “Song of the Week”, which will typically be a video. Our goal is to offer both entertaining and illuminating political commentary in musical form. There is room for blog entries below the Song of the Week (and the archived videos) – so please add your own commentary.

You will no doubt notice that this site is rooted in “progressive” ideals. I started it in 2004, to do my tiny part in trying to avoid what seemed an unbearable prospect – the re-election of George W. Bush. Well, we all know how that went.

Both political parties are victims of an absurd campaign financing system which “make” them do the bidding for the interests of large corporations and wealthy individuals. But, if you are tempted to think it doesn’t matter which party is elected, think back to the 2000 election results and ask yourself if Al Gore would have unilaterally invaded Iraq or rammed through a tax cut that mostly benefited the wealthiest (or condoned torture, warrantless wiretapping, etc.). And think about Sarah Palin and the Tea Party and….

I hope you’ll put us on your weekly calendar.

– PoliticalRalph (and friends)